Our Customers

"GreenKure is the first thing I reach out for whenever I bruise myself or have a headache (which is very often :P). It is very soothing & gives me instant relief. It is economically priced & is available as a very convenient roll-on. I am definitely going to recommend GreenKure to all my friends."
Yashica Fernandes, Oman

"My friend and I cycled 40km in Alibaug for the first time. Due to the strenuous activity, our muscles were sore. I applied GreenKure all over my legs, hands, back and shoulders and had a bath with warm water. The next day, I was up and about, attending office while my friend was still recovering!"
Richa S, Mumbai

"Greenkure is absoulate magic! After rolling on leg, elbow, stomach and shoulders, it gives great relief from pain. I sent 4 bottels to my daughter in Melbourne, Australia and she says, it works better than Voltarine, which is made in UK."
Jagat S, Gujarat

"I currently work in a residential school in a remote area where there is no doctor nearby for them. One morning, a worker fell with great force on her right hand and was crying bitterly. Just then, I remembered about the Greenkure bottle I had in my purse and I applied the medicine for her. Soon, she found relief from the pain. Now, whenever any worker has a headache or any kind of pain, they ask me for Greenkure and the medicine works wonders for them. "
Pauline F, Panvel

Our Distributors

"My friend introduced me to Greenkure ointment when I was having a terrible headache and shoulder pain. After using Greenkure, I felt much better and decided to become a distributor. Initially, I ordered only 6 bottles of Greenkure and whenever anyone around me had pain in their neck, knees, headache, cold, cramps, slight burn, sprain, I used to apply Greenkure for them. I made new contacts on the train while travelling to work and got many orders through them as well as my friends and colleagues. In 3 months, I sold out nearly 500 bottles. I am getting very good feedback for this medicine."
Rekha S, Mumbai

My customers say "Greenkure works like magic".
Jagdish K, Mumbai

"Once customers buy a bottle, they always come for more. Greenkure is a very effective ointment giving relief from pain quickly. And it is Ayurvedic in nature - so no negative side effects!"
Mulchand S, Mumbai